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GM Frank Schneider


Since 1969, Frank M. Schneider was 5 years old, and came started practicing martial arts for the first time, which at the time was JUDO, JIU JITSU and SAMBO.  

Over the following years he practiced several styles of MUDO/BUDO and gained a certain technical repertoire that enabled him to learn a lot of martial arts which were generally unknown in Germany. 

Because of his vital interest in all Far-Eastern martial arts he subsequently practiced since the 70ies so-called hard styles such as TAEKWON-DO, TANG SOO DO, KEMPO, KARATE (Shotokan, Kyokushin). 

A few years later, he improved his skills in softer arts such as HAPKIDO, SEN KI DO, JU JITSU and TAIHO JUTSU (Police Arresting Art). 

He also took the opportunity to develop his knowledge of modern KICKBOXING and MUAY-THAI. In addition to this, Frank mastered weapon techniques and sword arts (Gumdo, Kenjutsu, Kobudo).

From Korean, Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts (Ground Work, forms and free combat, with half and full body contact), he managed to practice skilled techniques in self-defense in real situations in case of threats in the street.   Frank was only a young student when his masters appointed him as a coach for elementary children and adult courses. 

 During his army time in the German Bundeswehr (German Army), he was appointed as an instructor for MILITARY CLOSE COMBAT within NCOs and officers courses ; He led special training as well as « Weapon disarming » as first instructor.

 Due to his activities, the subject MILITARY CLOSE COMBAT was introduced for the first time within the basic training of recruits at 3. /92nd Panzergrenadierlehrbataillon in Münster, with Frank being the main instructor and member of the examining board. 

He also formed different study groups and teams of martial arts which he initiated and directed during his service time, which symbolizes and represents his continuous love of martial arts and sees it as HIS WAY OF LIFE.

Frank is also a personal instructor for members of Special Police Units in the likes of the French BAC and security companies.

He is highly ranked and skilled in « Police Arresting Techniques » as well as holding a 10th degree black belt and professor/instructor license in Taiho Jutsu, the Japanese police arresting art, which he obtained from the UK national association as well as a 9th degree black belt under the International Taiho Jutsu Confederation.

He is a 10th Dan Jujitsu and 9th Dan Japanese Karate, both licensed in Japan, and a 8th Dan Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) licensed in South Korea. 

Finally he holds over 15 high ranking black belts after 50 years of practice and 40 years of instructing.

Frank Schneider was appointed to represent Germany and Europe by some world-wide associations. He was also given a seat in different committees of Grandmasters.   As a multiple member of international technical superintending commissions, he is now a well-known technical adviser and consultant in special fields of examinations and courses of instruction, national and international.

He conducts many seminars on a regular basis and has attended hundreds of courses by invitation to teach in japanese, korean and other asian martial arts, as well as demonstrate and teach his own system SIGAJEON MOOSUL/SHIGAISENDO/Urban Street Combat in europe and abroad.

Frank Schneider established a worldwide brotherhood organization named : The WSCSO-WORLD STREET COMBAT SYSTEMS ORGANIZATION specialising in the promotion of the practice of all arts and self defense.